Hallo, ik ben Eva ^_^

Illustrator, graphic designer and a little bit of photographer

Who am I?
I'm Eva, a digital illustrator and graphic designer from Chile. Oh, I am also a photographer, videogames copywriter, voyager, dancer, outdoor adict, comics fan, film critic, artist, writer, a little looney and trying to figure out how to draw the most beautiful illustrations in the world.

Where am I living now?
I'm currently living in the Netherlands with my cute dutch-blonde-hair-blue-eyes husband and two lazy cats. Sorry guys!

Where did I study all the wonderful things I know?
I did most of my studies at the Catholic University Duoc UC in Santiago of Chile, first graphic design and then Digital Illustration. I also have background studies such as fine arts, comics and acrylic painting.

What are my goals in life?
Mostly to be a millionaire, helping people and end all the miseries in this world. But in the meantime, I'm focusing my professional career in Digital Illustration and videogames and some other cool artistic stuff. And of course, learn once and for all the Dutch language.

What kind of work I did in the past?
A lot of web design, branding, ads, photography and similar. I also started my own small delicious chocolate business a few years ago but I ate all the chocos.

Am I accepting new commision?
Yes! Feel free to send me a few lines in case you need any of my professional services! You can also download my resume here.

Skills Backgrounds Softwares Languages
Good listener Digital Illustration Photoshop Spanish - native
Creative Watercolor and Acrilic painting Illustrator English - fluent
Multimedia stuffs Gamer since 1991 Fireworks Dutch - Medium level but improving everyday!
Videogames design Good with tech and social networks Flash  
Web design Good at learning new technologies Dreamweaver  
Corporate & Branding Photography 3D Studio / Maya  
Newsletters   Premiere  
Catalogs   Windows / Mac OS / iOS  
Labels and prints      
Cute stuff      
Casa Molino Deco Soriana México Punto Creativo branding agency
Adetec Chile Andamios Calbuco Edwards Asociados branding agency
Soundadvisors GCL Fundación Chile Opendev Software Solutions
Benexia Chile CEF Chile Instituto de Informática Educativa